It can be easy to think of the metabolic system as some sort of non-biological “thing” that’s merely another part of who we are.  The truth is, it’s a complex system of organs that, like every part of the body, has diverse and demanding nutritional needs that must be met in order to function in its most optimal state.  Months, years or even decades of poor diet and processed ingredients can take a serious toll on the metabolic system’s ability to digest food, utilize nutrients and remove waste.

How the Metabolic Jumpstart Works

Our 5-Day Metabolic Jumpstart is a program exclusive to Rocwell Weight Loss, and has been carefully developed to stimulate and re-establish more normalized metabolic function. We’ve had numerous clients lose upwards of 10 pounds during the initial five days, with results that continue throughout the course of their monthly weight loss program.

This is a plant-based program ordered by a Doctor, and strategically dosed in a manner that mimics the effects of 5-day fast.  It provides a number of beneficial effects throughout the metabolic system, while allowing you to burn fat more efficiently as you progress through the program.

Give Your Fat Loss Efforts a Science-based Boost!

As the only providers of this 5-day metabolic program in the Rochester NY area, we take your safety and success very seriously.  We monitor your results closely during this time, to make sure you’re progressing properly without any compromise to your health, comfort or general wellness. The program is backed by extensive research, and proven to be both safe and effective when conducted properly under expert supervision.

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