Nowadays, just about anyone can recommend some products, rehash some statistics, and advise you to eat healthier.  At Rocwell, we understand that the complexity of each individual justifies the need for plans that are uniquely targeted.  This starts by understanding what makes you, you.  For those embarking on a complete, custom fat loss program, a simple blood draw report will give our experts a clear understanding on how to create the most effective program possible.

An Essential Step in Effective Fat Loss Plans

All results are completely confidential, and used exclusively for the purpose of developing a fat loss plan conducive to any imbalances or deficiencies shown in your report.

  • Blood draw analysis is conducted through ACM laboratory
  • Accurate body composition reporting, including body fat percentage
  • Weight, height and blood pressure readings are taken prior to blood draw
  • Your information is kept under the most strict confidence and never shared
  • Included in all complete monthly weight loss programs offered by Rocwell
  • Not required as part of our meal plans or other wellness services

Learn More About Rocwell Weight Loss in Rochester

Though it’s more common than you might think, we understand that this can be new to many.  For additional information on what to expect at your appointment, or if you’d like to know more about our complete weight loss services, we’re here and happy to assist.

You can reach the Rocwell Center for Nutrition and Weight Loss by calling 585-489-5868, or by writing to us through our website’s confidential and secured contact page.


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